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Jeff Thornburg, CEO/CTO

Jeff built and led the Raptor engine development team at SpaceX with Elon Musk and then worked with Paul Allen to develop the hydrogen PGA engine. He started his career with the Air Force developing the highest ever performing hydrogen engine, the Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator.


Adam Harris, CSO

Adam is a space executive with a passion for space exploration to Earth Orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond. Adam has held positions as a Staffer on the House Appropriations Committee, Inspector General of the National Reconnaissance Office, and Vice President for Government Sales at SpaceX.


Elizabeth Robertson, COO

Elizabeth’s experiences span public and private aerospace, most recently as Senior Manager of Propulsion at Stratolaunch. She was previously team lead of the Liquid Engine Branch of NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center, responsible for the RS-25 engine and Commercial Crew Program.


Ian Vorbach, Sr Mgr Special Projects

Ian began his career as an early member of CPG brands BodyArmor (acq., Coca-Cola) and Core (acq., Keurig-Dr Pepper) before returning to his passions in aerospace as a Propulsion Engineer at Stratolaunch. He has a BS in Physics from Yale, an MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford, and is an MBA candidate at Wharton.

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  • Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator

    Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator

  • RS-25


  • Raptor


  • J2X


  • Merlin


  • PGA


  • Additive Manufacturing Demonstrator Engine

    Additive Manufacturing Demonstrator Engine

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